Halloween Party

2019.10.28 10:54
Today was the Halloween party at Showa Elementary school! The students had made hats and candy pockets in English class, so they brought those things to the party. There were some very funny and very spooky hats! We also played some games! The first and second graders played “Hot Pumpkin” where they passed around a toy in a circle while music played. If they were holding the toy when the music stopped, they were out. The third and fourth graders played the “Telephone Game” where they stood in a line, and they would passed a toy and the "secret word" back the line until the last person held up the correct monster picture. The fifth and sixth graders participated in a “Monster Scavenger Hunt” where they looked throughout the school for hidden monsters. After these games, all the students went to different classrooms and trick-or-treated to get candy from the teachers. IT was a very fun-filled day!