In-School English Camp - Day 1

2022.08.03 15:30
Today we started our first day of In-School Summer Camp. We met up in Friendly Hall for the Opening Ceremony. There we met our new English teachers who will be with us for the next three days, and we had an opening speech from one of the students. Then each teacher took their small group to their classroom. We got to show them our Self-Introduction Books to introduce ourselves to our teachers. Then we worked on various activities like pronunciation, asking questions about each other, and greetings. Then it was lunchtime. After lunch, we had a fun activity and game time with our teachers. We played many games that let us use our English skills. Next all the new English teachers switched rooms and we got to introduce ourselves to a variety of teachers, getting more practice speaking. Then it was time to go home. We are excited to come back tomorrow and continue the fun time in English!