In-School English Camp - Day 2

2022.08.04 15:30
We have finished our second day at In-School English camp. First, since we have already gotten to know our English teachers, we took them on a tour of our school. We showed them many classrooms and areas we use every day. It was challenging and fun to use only English to explain different things about our school. Next, we started practicing phrases and making preparations for our role playing activity scheduled in the afternoon. Our teachers taught us many ways to carry and conversation in places like a restaurant, a doctor’s office, and more. Then it was time for lunch. After lunch, we jumped into the role playing activity we had been preparing for. We had fun going to the different classrooms and pretending to be sick at the doctor’s office, ordering food at a restaurant, buying things at a store, and much more. After that, we started making preparations for the next day’s photo contest presentation. We went around the school finding our favorite locations and taking a picture with our teacher there. Then we practiced what we will say during the next day’s presentation. That marks the end of day two at In-School English camp. We had fun today, and we hope to continue having fun on our last day tomorrow!