In-School English Camp - Day 3

2022.08.05 15:30
Today was our final day of English Camp. We were excited and a little sad at the same time. First, we had a fun activity time with all the groups together playing some English games like “Duck, Duck, Goose” and “Fruit Basket.” Some games we had played before, but some were brand new! Next we continued working on our presentations for the photo scavenger hunt. Each person in each group tried to think of something great to say about our favorite spots in school. Then all the groups went to Friendly Hall to present their pictures to the other groups. We were a little nervous about presenting, but each group did an amazing job. Next was lunchtime. After lunch, we participated in a Treasure Hunt activity where we had to find different shapes around the school. Following that was another recreation game time where we played games for the last time with our English teachers. Last, we had our closing ceremony. The winners of photo contest presentations were announced, and each English teacher gave a comment about their group and how much fun it was these last three days. We each got a certificate showing that we finished three days together, and then we had to say goodbye to our teachers. It was a super three days of using English! We had so much fun!