Spring English Speech Contest 2024 - 1st through 4th Graders

2024.02.14 13:38

The English speech contest for the 1st through 4th grade students was on Wednesday February 14th. Students were in groups of three or four people and they read different parts of stories from their English classes together. The principal and English teachers judged the best performances based on their big voices, eye contact, speed, pronunciation and originality. It is a little scary to speak in front of many people and doing it in English was an extra challenge! It is a good experience to build confidence and develop presentation skills. All the students practiced very hard in the auditions and the final presentations. It was very difficult to choose the winners. Congratulations to the students who won a prize and good luck next year to the students who tried their best. Please keep studying English a lot so you can achieve your dreams in the future!