Today was our last full day in Australia before we go home to Japan. We had breakfast again in the Tangalooma Resort restaurant. Then we spent the whole morning at the beach playing in the water and the sand. The water was pretty cold, but we still had fun. Next we ate lunch and then headed back to Brisbane on the ferry. Once we got back to Brisbane, we rode a bus to a souvenir shop and bought presents for our family and friends. Last we checked in to our hotel and ate dinner at the hotel restaurant. Tomorrow, we will get up bright and early to head back home to Japan. We had fun in Australia and we will never forget it!
After spending all day yesterday having fun with our host families, it was really sad to say goodbye to them this morning. We went one last time to Mueller College and bid a final farewell to each of our family members. Then we got on a bus and drove off to the ferry that would take us to Moreton Island and the Tangalooma Resort. Once we got to Moreton Island, we headed off to go whale watching. Almost right away we were able to see Humpback Whales from the ferry. The whales were very curious and stayed with our ferry for a long time so we got to take a lot of pictures. We also ate a small lunch on the boat. After whale watching, we went back to Tangalooma Resort and got our rooms. At supper time we went down to eat a buffet meal and then we went to feed the dolphins. We had a lot of fun playing on Moreton Island and at the Tangalooma Resort today.

Today was our last day to at Mueller College school. During morning tea time, we sang Edelweiss and If You're Happy. We also gave a speech about our school in Japan. Then we did a dance called Eisa, a traditional dance in the Okinawa area of Japan. Last, we did presentations about Japanese things like Shogi, Japanese History, Japanese Fairy Tales, Japanese Games, and Kimonos. After all our presentations, we had our last lunch and class with our buddies. We will miss them so much because they have all been so kind to us. Tomorrow, we will spend the whole day with our host families. We are excited to enjoy all Saturday with them!


Today was our fourth day in Australia and our second day at Mueller College school. We tried so many things again and we had a lot fun! We used iPads in the math class and we taught our teachers and classmates some Japanese phrases like こんにちは or 元気ですか?Also, we learned how to play some games from our Aussie friends. Tomorrow will be our last day at school. We will be sad, but we hope we can have fun again, too!